Simple GPS USB module, today's soldering exercise

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I had the GPS module from

And the USB to serial adaptor from ebay:

Connected it together:

Listen on the Linux PC with 4800 Bd:
 ptlrc -d /dev/ttyUSB1 -b 4800


etc etc
run it in gpspc:

And know about where your are on planet earth.

        Panteltje (c) gpspc-0.8 for EM-411 GPS receiver board

control C exits.
latitude         30.464102 degrees N
longitude        34.081553 degrees W
altitude above sea level 3.5000 M   geoid_separation 46.6000 M
gps speed 0.65 knots (nautical miles/h)
gps speed 1.20 km/h
gps heading 35.12 degrees
date and time 2015 4 29 14:12-8 UTC

WARNING GPS AIR SPEED LOW  ***STALL***, GPS air speed 1.20 km/h, this is lower than 180
auto pilot off
Mode 2D
GPS SPS Mode, fix valid
pdop 5.5
hdop 4.6
vdop 3.2
satellites used 3  ( 12 15 24 )
satellites in view 10
id 12   *       elevation 76    azimuth 246     snr 23
id 24   *       elevation 68    azimuth 130     snr 24
id 14           elevation 35    azimuth 304     snr 29
id 25           elevation 35    azimuth 248     snr 0
id 17           elevation 20    azimuth 42      snr 0
id 6            elevation 15    azimuth 87      snr 0
id 15   *       elevation 9     azimuth 176     snr 24
id 32           elevation 7     azimuth 340     snr 0
id 22           elevation 6     azimuth 271     snr 20
id 2            elevation 4     azimuth 126     snr 14

In gpspc it will still work even if you do not have the other sensors.

It is small, need to find a fitting box.

I have several GPS, this module was from the original test-rig with LM317 regulator and MAX232,
why not put it to use, perhaps in Navigatrix in the eeepc.
Just plug it in the USB port.

Re: Simple GPS USB module, today's soldering exercise
On 29/04/2015 15:22, Jan Panteltje wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Looks similar to units fitted to TomToms...

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