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How difficult would it be to serialize several data sources then transmit wirelessly and deserialize? The wireless requirements are a relatively error free non-line of sight(similar to a house but better) rate of about 10Mb/s continuously over a distance of around 50 feet.

Ultimately I would like about 50Mb/s over 100 feet(almost line of sight). In fact I'd rather have individual transmitters and receivers per channel but I'm not sure if this would be worth the increase in cost.

This is just for some idea I was thinking about. I have little experience with wireless so I'm not sure if it's capable. Obviously there are wireless protocols that can handle the data rate but I'm worried about quality and availability(the channels are on continuously). With all the wireless stuff going on I'm sure the spectrum is getting pretty messy?

Something like ZigBee would be cool(although overkill) if it could deal with the speed and continuity issues. Essentially I want to reduce the wire mess from several sensors sporadically located on about a 50ft^2 plot. The best solution is to have one transmitter per sensor which could result in minimum wired connectivity(there is the slight issue of supplying power but that could be overcome in several ways). A second solution would be to have a central hub that transmits(wireless is required here) the serialized data. This case doesn't seem like much of an improvement over wired but does add some benefits(because of the topological nature of the problem it should reduce the wiring by half).

It goes without saying that the solution should be cost effective. Cheap pre-certified transmitter/receiver modules like one can find with ZigBee would be a plus.

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Check the data rate on Zigbee before you say it'd be "overkill" in a 50Mb/ s application.

Wireless Ethernet, maybe.

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The naive approach with direct amplitude-phase-frequency keying won't work.

This kind of throughput requires PC with WiFi, plus custom protocol and hardware for synchronization and buffering.

"Wireless" means "unreliable".

There are technical reasons for Zigbee, BlueTooth and WiFi to be so complicated.

Centralized system is much easier to develop and operate.

This is not going to be cheap unless you are deploying zillions of sensors.

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Look at 802.11, either g or n

802.11g 802.11n


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