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Well, I got the new box running, I guess officially it would be called a "router" and/or a "masquerader", and a Samba File Server.

So, anyways, I'm at my workstation (if a train stops at... ) and I decide to check my new install for "security", so I check a couple of those "I'll check your firewall for free" sites, and of course, since it's Slack 11, it's invulnerable. Well, one reported port

80 open, but sheesh! Of course port 80 is open! That's where my website is!

Anyway, the latest one I checked had the cutest little warning message: ----------------------------------- Greetings! Without your knowledge or explicit permission, the Windows networking technology which connects your computer to the Internet may be offering some or all of your computer's data to the entire world at this very moment! -----------------------------------

Well, Heh! I don't _HAVE_ a Windows networking technonogy which connects my computer to the internet. I have a Slackware system. Bwahahaha!

Cheers! Rich

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That sounds like Ron Gibson's portscanning site, which is okay but has l4m3r error messages, like the one above. There are other scanning sites which will give you the direct output from nmap, which I've always found more helpful.

Sure, but you're still exposing your Samba daemon to the internet, which probably is Not Wise, even if you have good passwords. Unless you really intend anyone around the world to connect, you should firewall off that port. Slackware is only as invulnerable as the daemons you expose.


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