RCL Tweezer Meter

Contrary to the normal postal junk, this product caught my eye for the form factor; it looks very handy, especially for SMT parts.

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Does anyone have experience with / opinions on this meter? Is there anything similar on the market? (There's gotta be - these guys can't be the OEM; the rest of their product line is hand tools.)

At first, the US$300 price struck me as high; I was expecting comething in the ballpark of a DMM - unrealistically, it seems, as RCL meters seem to range from ~$1k to $13k for high-precision benchtops. Suddenly $300 doesn't seem so high.

Curiously, a Google search turns up not manu products, but a number of p*rn sites with the keywords "RCL tweezer meter"... :-)

Cheers, Richard

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Richard H.
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There is no way in hell that one can get 5 *digit* accuracy from a unit that is 1% at best. Expect 3 digits +/- 1 digit at best. Does not look so good, now at $300, does it?

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Robert Baer

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