Pot shaft extensions Where can I get them?

Hi people,

I need a bunch of short shaft extension for 1/4" pot shafts.

We are adapting an existing product (not of our manufacture) so we can't just get a pot with a longer shaft.

I have searched Mouser but can't find any reference to such a thing. The pots have the serrated and split end on them and we need them about

1/2" or so longer. We can adapt the mounting of them to suit the shaft length within reason.

Any suggestions will be gratefully received.



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Dave, I can't do that
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Take a look at

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If they don't have what you need then with quarter-inch shaft couplers and some quarter-inch rod you can probably do what you want.

If you have to deal with really funky serrated and D-shaft parts you can probably do so with longer set screws and/or appropriate inserts ripped out of matching knobs.


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Tim Shoppa

Since so few pots are being used nowadays, you may be out of luck and just have to fabricate your own.

Get 1/4 inch brass or aluminum rod. Cut to the length you need. Mill one end so you have a tenon that will fit into the slot. Drill a hole through both so you can press fit in a pin. If you have a lathe handy, that is a very easy job. Slot the other end or do whatever you need to do to have it fit the knob.


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For 1/2", can you buy knobs with a longer shank? Or modify the current knob, instead of the pot shaft?

Matt Roberds

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