Please help with relay

I have a 5v 10ma line when hot would like to turn on a relay to turn on a

9.6v motor. ould somebody please tell me how I would accomplish this using a transistor?

Thank you, Steve

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Steven Skindell
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I've transposted this to news:sci.electronics.basics, which is where it belongs.

Cheers! Rich

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Rich Grise

Your going to need more currrent then that, even a modest telephone

4PDT relay draws more then 30ma on the average. You might consider using optocoupler instead, then some other power source to operate a relay and motor. For a relay transistor, consider part TIP41C for general applications.You can choose smaller transistor, just make sure maximum collector current for the transistor is about 1.5 times over the amount needed for the relay.



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When you say "5V 10mA line", do you mean a 5V line that can supply
10mA into a load when the line is hot or a 5V line that supplies
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John Fields

Assuming your line is at 0 volts when "cold" and 5 volts when "hot" :

9.6V ----------------------+----------+ |a | [Diode] | | | +----------+-------+ o | | | | +| [Diode] [RelayCoil] |
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On a sunny day (Thu, 23 Nov 2006 20:15:44 GMT) it happened ehsjr wrote in :

---------------------- +9.6 |+ motor |- |--

0 / 5V ---------| |
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Jan Panteltje

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