Opinions: SignalHound Spectrum Analyzer

I am interested in an affordable spectrum analyzer for ambient free space (not near field) measurments up to 4GHz.

Can anyone offer an informed opinion on this product, with regard to specs and capabilites?

For example, compared to all-in-one portable instruments such as those offered by Anritsu..

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What antenna would be suitable for the above application?

John Emerson

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John Emerson
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I had looked into this. They have an API (write your own code) to create custom sweeps. You need 300khzRBW for EMC so it would probably work at their 250khz RBW Then you need to apply the Cable and Antenna calibrations and see if your under the CISPR limits.

I think its doable, for a quick pre-scan to find the trouble points, fix and send the UUT to the real lab. But lack of a Quasi-peak detector may hinder its usefulness when it comes to splitting hairs;)

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Martin Riddle

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