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Right. You only get millivolts out of these things.


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John Larkin
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If a load cell has a bridge of strain gages with sensibility of 2 mV/V, and I apply a V=5v, and the range of force is from 0 to100 Kg, is correct to say that with the max force applied the V difference should be 100 * 5

*2mV/V = 1V ?
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No.  What the 2mV/V means is that for every volt of excitation,  the
bridge will output 2 millivolts with the maximum rated mechanical
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John Fields

Nononononono unless it's given as 2mV/V/kg (which it isn't)

The output at maximum load will be 2mV * 5 = 10mV.

Paul Burke

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Paul Burke

Force is correctly measured in Newtons ! To use the old fashioned way of talking ... 1 N = 1 kgf ( not 1 kg ) = 1kg*9.81m/s. F = ma. Check the sensitivity spec.

Other than that, your calculation seems ok


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