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I want to make a small linear brushless motor with only two pieces (magnets and winding), instead of using three layers with the copper winding in between, I'd like to just have one magnet layer and then the stator attached to back iron on the other layer. I guess this will produce eddy currents as the back iron moves across the magnets and may only allow for slow linear motion. Are there any other ways to make a linear brushless motor with two pieces like this? I guess one option is to not use back iron, but then there will be lower field strength in the motor.

Here is a picture of a "two piece" (magnets, winding) linear motor:

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Is that back iron on the top of the winding?

"three piece" (magnet, winding, magnet) linear motor:

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cheers, Jamie

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Use ferrite for the back iron? I haven't tried this, but in a system with air gap, you lose most of the magneto-motive force to the gap; if you cut the permeability of the back "iron" by a factor of two or three to go from steel to high-permeability ferrite you'll only lose a few percent of flux where it counts.

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Check the literature on "Mag-Lev trains".


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josephkk > Check the literature on "Mag-Lev trains".

And rail guns?

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You might look into Sawyer motors

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