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Dear Sir, I had a small query which i thought i would ask you. can you please tell me if there are IC's which can read and measure AC signal, convert it to DC,trace the 2nd and the 5th harmonic component in an AC wave of fundamental frequency of 50Hz. if yes can they be interfaced with a microcntroller. If not then please tell me if there are any alternatives.I also want to know more about True RMS IC's. So waiting for your reply.

Thanking You

Regards Pavan

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See any of the power semi makers' devices for 'power factor correction' to deal with harmonics in a practical way.


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Pooh Bear

Here's one after a Google search

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Regards Joseph

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Joe G (Home)

I was going to suggest just reading the signal with an ADC input on your microcontroller, (or a second one), they go upto 100khz sampling rate quite readily, however this might save a bit of programming ..

Colin =^.^= (oo its a top posted thread)

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