Higher frequency soldering gun.

I guess every soldering gun is 50/60Hz. However I was thinking that the sk in effect is very dramatic with iron and the impedance will increase rapidl y with frequency. It seems like a way to concentrate more of the power into the tip of the iron rather than having a lot of power being dissipated in the windings/connections etc. You would have to be careful about what would happen at the curie point of the iron tip if it should ever get (red) hot.

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I found this curiosity as well:

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Wrong. Metcal uses high frequency drive.

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Real guns (not irons) resistively heat the tip directly with high current, no insulation, so any frequency will work. The common structure, where the tip is a 1-turn secondary on a line-powered transformer, is cheap and works well. They can deliver a huge amount of heat, hundreds of watts.

Do you know of a gun that's not line frequency?

I have seen some soldering irons with regular iron-type tips, but a gun-type handle, basically toy guns.

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