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Hi , We are developing a project under our university course . A company has a central server and several branch servers. The company's employees are on field within a 1 km range of a branch server. The branch servers and the handheld device on the employees communicate using wireless network WI-FI. Branch servers communicate with the central server through internet.

Currently we have a ebox2300. we want to use it as a branch server and also as a wireless access point.Simultaneoulsy it will act to communicate with main server. We want to know whether doing all these is possible using ebox and if not what changes need to be made to ebox?

Which IEEE standard for WI FI can I use to cover range of 1 km ?Is it possible to use IEEE802.11 b for this?

What type of WI FI transceiver can be used for Hand Held end device here?

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