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I have a retrofit to do. Nothing is pin compatible nor will even fit the mo unting holes. So when I select a replacement it is definitely not a drop in . It also looks like I have to add a couple of components if I can get the ICs I want.

They way I am seeing this it would be easier if I put the replacement at th e top of the heat sink. This is a vertical finned free air convection heat sink.

Now we can all see the logic of putting the component at the bottom of the heat sink. How bad is it if I put it at the top ?

The aluminum is a good conductor of heat, so I am thinking there won't be m uch of a temperature gradient there, or will there ? Is it significant ?

I have no choice but to use wires. If I put it at the bottom of the heat si nk then I will definitely have to turn it upside down and I don't really li ke that. I have done it but I didn't like it. It worked but I didn't like i t.

I dunno, whaddya think ? Should I figure deration more and get maybe a high er rated part ? Should I just not worry about it ? The whole thing is in th at area the fins will be seeing warmer air. If the heat is conducted down t hen the CM^2 still holds. But will it be conducted down well enough ?

My reputation is my mods and all that are first of all safe, and meet or ex ceed original and also reliable. I do not want to compromise any of those. If I can't do that I will blow it off.

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Should be OK at the top if it is inside a box, if outside you need to protect your 'on top' circuit from being touched.

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