Hacking the MSP8 switch and the MSP controller by AMX

Just picked up a few of these at an auction and they look like they would be ideal for certain remote Raspberry Pi projects.

Are the data formats published anywhere for these POE devices, or are they strictly proprietary?

They apparently are significantly different than traditional DMX.

Separately, what is the simplest and cheapest way to add POE to the Pi?

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If you need standard PoE use a beaglebone instead, they come with holes for the dc-dc converter. real PoE requires access to centre-taps on the line side of the ethernet transformer, I don't think that's easily accessible on the pi.

if power-over-cat5 is sufficient for your needs just re-purpose the 4 unused cat5 conductors to supply 5V to run the pi. (or a higher voltage to run a step=down converter that produces the 5v)

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Den tirsdag den 28. oktober 2014 18.34.14 UTC+1 skrev don lancaster:

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Lasse Langwadt Christensen

What's your goal? To power it from a PoE switch as a PD? Or, to just

*power* it??!

(I.e., how compatible with standards do you want to be?)

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