Got My Digikey Flier

They are advertising some LT stuff in it. Cool, I guess it's a good thing they support those who gave us that program.

they got a "zero drift" OP AMP on there. Mt associate, being a real engineer and all that, has been making noises about a really low voltage measuring tool. I mean, he kinda likes this old VTVM that has a 0.3 volt scale.

Maybe those OP AMPs would be good to boost it up and just read it on a regular meter.

Just a thought.

One of the things that might be of use would be to be able to measure the poutput of a phono cartridge, and/or use it directly feeding a scope or someting. I dunno, maybe something like that.

Zero drift. I can dig that. Now, how to put it to some good use.

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We use a lot of AD8629's, a dual zero-drift opamp, about $2 for the dual. Input offset voltage is 1 uV typ and drift is 2 nV/degC typ.

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The catch with all "zero drift" amplifiers is thermal gradients across the board and the thermocouple voltages in the lead-frame to copper junctions where the amplifier terminals hit the board.

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Copper-kovar is 40uV/C.

Linear Technology's AN-82 has a bit about how it can work in practice.

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See page 8. Taking off a draft-shield produced a 10uV DC shift, and produced a transient 30uV excursion.

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