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counter module Ebay item number 181633676363

$10.88 for a eight digit counter with two ranges . One is 0.1 to 60 mhz and the other is 20 mhz to 2.4 Ghz.

And it can have the reading offset from the frequency so is is easily used to measure the local osc of a receiver and display the receiving frequency.

Another slightly cheaper counter has only 6 digits and will only measure up to 65 mhz. But should be more than adequate for many receivers.

Both modules are made by Sanjian Studio and more information can be found by searching on Sanjian Studio and watching Utube video's.

I have ordored one , but it will be a while before it is in hand.

Looking on Alibaba, it seems that a number of manufacturers use the modules in lab type frequency counters.


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I bought a similar but LCD digitally synthesised frequency generator,

60MHz max, from ebay for about the same price. It works well, and allowed me to test a custom comms link with mismatched oscillators at either end.

It's sort of incredible that these things have become to cheap to box. Blue LED displays are a pain though - Kapton tape will calm them down to a nice old-fashioned Neon colour.


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Syd Rumpo

For sensitivity of the high channel, webpage sez

60 MHz ~ 2.4GHz: not tested. How can this be? Anybody tested it? Would be nice to have some clue.
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It would be nice to have a clue. From what I can guess at, the high freq. channel uses a 64:1 prescaler. I am guessing but believe the pic is programed to display the actual frequency.

Again I am guessing ,but it sounds as if they check the high channel from 20 mhz to 60 mhz, but do not check every units high channel over 60 mhz.

Searching for Sanjian Studio, I find lots of stuff in Chinese about all the modules they make, but can only find english text on Utube about other units .

Ebay item 121386564605 looks as if someone is adding a case and some components to sell as a counter.

Incidentally the vender I bought from has increased is price by about a dollar.


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After more internet searches, I am reasonably sure the pre-scaler is a MB506. It is an inexpensive pre-scaler. You can find data sheets for it, and they show the input sensitivity as being essentally flat out to 2.4 GHZ.


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