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As part of my tig inverter, the timing and power switching circuitry would be about 5 feet away from where the controls are. There will be

3 controls: power on/off, variable capacitor and potentiometer.

I would like to use some shielded Cat6 cable for all three controls.

I would like to switch DC power on and off, using the switch on the front panel of the welder, simply as a gate input to some electronic switch that would power up the rest of the timing/gate driver circuit. I estimate the power draw of this circuit to be about 1A at most at 15 VDC.

So... Is there some good remote switch, preferably in a DIP package, that would enable me to switch DC power on and off, using same DC power as signal. Thanks.

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Your variable capacitor switch will have to be right next to the oscillator chip. You can't put a cable in between. The same goes for the pot. I think that once you have all of this up and running for test purposes, you might want to rethink the control circuit, for example try using a microcontroller to generate the waveforms instead of the rotary switch and capacitors. If you only have DC control voltages going through the cable, then with suitable filtering and protection on the control lines, you might be able to remote control it over a cable.


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Chris Jones

Chris, I can definitely rethink it if necessary. Why would the switchable capacitor need to be mounted next to the oscillator chip. Same goes for the resistor. My switching frequencies are between

40 and 800 Hz. I will appreciate a clarification and will make changes as needed. i
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