DIY String Pots

I am aiming to overcome my natural ineptitude and build an oversize midi controller.

See this thread:

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I am most likely going to use a 10 turn pot with a pulley attached to the shaft. I am thinking I will also need some kind of bearing to support the shaft of the pot and protect it from the sideways force of the belt/ pulley arrangement.

Can anyone point me towards finding pulleys and bearings that will fit on potentiometer shafts?

I realize this is probably a riduculous question if you are in the know but I'm Googling round in circles (rs, cpc etc).



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PS I was hoping to use String Pots but they seem to cost over =A3100 each. I only need a low res device. Are there any other alternatives?

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John Popelish

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McMaster-Carr has a broad selection of pulleys and bearings, but based = on the 10 turn pots that I know, you are going to have some work = adapting something to the pot shaft... definitly feasable though... just = a bit of a job :) Something along the lines of some angle and flat = aluminum arranged line THIS:

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1.5" angle stock, with a piece of 1.5" flat as a baseplate... use 1/4" = ID bearings with 3/4" OD flanged.. use 1/4-20 threaded rod for your = shaft, and the pully of your choice with a 1/4" shaft
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