Can anyone be awesome and point me in the right direction of a cheaper pre-amp?

Hi, Can anyone be awesome and help me find a preamp that i can use in place of the 2/4/6 preamp here:

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preferably low noise and about a gain of 60 dB?

They are asking around $450, and I'm hoping to find something around the $100 range.

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Mini-circuits has lots of cool, fairly cheap RF bricks.

But hang onto those points; I'm too awesome as-is. I've got old hens pecking at my ankles already.


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John Larkin

'Preamp' can be lots of things, of course; two FETs and a battery makes a pretty good low noise follower, and the old uA725 (forty-year-old tech) does good work if DC voltage drifts and offsets are the important concern. If the input impedance and bandwidth were known, and the output drive requirements, the 'low noise and about a gain of 60 dB' would be more meaningful.

A good instrument amplifier plus two 20 dB switchable gain stages and a high-current buffer would usually be a safe design, to hand-wire up in an hour (or three, if you want it in a box with labels).

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A manual on the amp would help a lot. That web page isn't very useful.

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