Are there any ICs (non-programmable) to control a Servo?

I was originally going to control a "regular" permanent DC Motor by using a PWM circuit using a 556 timer. The part count was large and I came across some other issues that could be solved using a Servo. I dont have a PIC programmer or anything like that. Do you know of any ICs that can control the servo without many external components? I am thinking of an IC with at least 4 inputs; 1 input for reverse, 1 inpute for forward; 1 input for chip enable; 1 input for speed, by using a resistor.

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If your asking for a pre-programmed servo motor controller, there are lots.

If your asking for a board full of ttl logic servo motor controller, there are some still around.

If your asking for a pre-programmed servo motor controller with the pins your are looking for, well thats work.

Google came up with over 5 Million hits for "servo motor controller".

I only looked at a few pages of hits, and I did not see any that was not a pre-programmed micro-controller or a kit for same.

Thats the problem with living in the 21 century.

I think a little more information about your application is in order.

You want: 4 inputs; 1 input for reverse 1 input for forward 1 input for chip enable 1 input for speed, by using a resistor. 2 wires for the DC motor and 2 wires for power. ( maybe 5V or 12V)

A simple DC motor can be controlled with simple switchs and a variable power supply.

Good Luck in your search.

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AIUI a 555 could be wired to do most of that...

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Good time to get one and start learning how they work. Otherwise, you will have to join the throng of posters with questions that amount to...

"Whats a clunky, expensive, complicated way to do something that would be simple with a microcontroller?"


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