Any new battery "standards"?

The 'flat' designs (Lithium Polymer) will be around, but I am not sure they'll be a 'standard'.

Because they are primarily for the handheld market, they are usually made for handset manufacturers - while that mfr wants them, they'll be around, but as soon as the mfr moves to a new case, that's it (been burned that way).

The move to flat packs is definitely under way, though. I figure it'll be a couple of years before we get a usable standard.



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AFAIK the basic battery chemistries are unchanged.

Popular packaging may determine you preferred usage.


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Pooh Bear

Just been trying to find any new rechargeable battery formats, to get away from the AA and AAA kludge for powering widgits

I'd thought of using camcorder batts, but the designs come and go.

I found these Liths

formatting link
They seem to be able to supply the plastic holders etc And they come in 3.7V and 7.4V packs.

Any other new contenders that will be around for a few years?


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