500 Vcc comp. pair

I normally use MJE 340/350 for HV power amps but they are only good to

300V. This time I am running 450-500V rails.

What is the next logical step up in voltage using the most commonly available part, and preferrably not TO-3?

Desired bandwidth is 10KHz to 2MHz.

Thanks for any advice.

Louis Kendall

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Louis Kendall
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"Louis Kendall"

** A noval or octal base valve is good at those voltages.

Triode or pentode......

** Consider mosfets. 600 and 800 volt ones are common.

........ Phil

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Phil Allison

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Boris Mohar

Got Knock? - see: Viatrack Printed Circuit Designs (among other things)

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Boris Mohar

Hi Louis,

I don't know exact details about your current topology. If you can use a topology that uses NPN transistors only (or N channel MOSFETS), you can use high voltage deflection transistors (for CRT monitors/ television) or high voltage IGBTs.

I can imagine that this doesn't solve the bias issues, so probably there will be some trade-offs. In case of BJT's, bias current will be higher because of low HFE.

Also current sources (with PNP) require different design (series circuit).

Best regards,


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