3-axis acceletometers and gyros


I'm looking for small and cheap 3-axis accelerometers and 3-axis gyros, possibly made by the same house.

Analog Devices produces the ADXL330, but no 3-axis gyros, as far as I know.

Requirements are (in decreasing order of importance)

  • small size
  • low cost
  • low noise
  • range: ~300°/s for gyro, < 1g for accelerometer

Might you suggest me something?

Thanks, Marco / iw2nzm

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Marco Trapanese
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err, I was wrong. I've just figured out AD produces the ADIS16350,

3-axis acc + 3-axis gyro in one small package. Great! Just a bit expensive.

Are there similar products?

Marco / iw2nzm

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Marco Trapanese

Sparkfun at

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sell a whole range of accelerometers and gyros in a variety of configurations.


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Adrian Jansen

Thanks for the info. I see a lot of interesting stuff there.

Please, could you explain me why a 5-degree of freedom (x, y, z, pitch & roll) IP costs about 100$ while a 6-degree of freedom (with yaw) costs over 300$? Is it a commercial move?

I could buy the 5-DoF plus a Z-axis gyro to complete the IP and it will cost much less than 300$. Also, I found a lot of 3-axis accelerometers in a unique package, but it's hard to find 3-axis gyros in the same package. Why?

Thanks again! Marco / iw2nzm

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Marco Trapanese


You're dealing with chickenfeed prices compared with what we worked with though.

There are a few more specifications to be handled other than just the raw numbers, and the only ones that came close to what we needed were Japanese Rion brand accelerometers.

At about AU$3K for a set of three, they REALLY weren't cheap, but the only ones that could compete with the range and temperature specs we needed. It didn't hurt we were the dealers, so could get the things cheaper too.

We had to build our own triaxial assemblies, because they didn't otherwise exist.

There's not a huge market for that type of thing at that level of cost, so they're not going to pre-package something for the odd person that needs it.

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John Tserkezis

Yeah, I know this. We also use more expensive gyros for a sort of 'autopilot' in a ROV application.

However, this time I need a simple IP which will work @ 20°C without any integration. That is I want to collect movements over 1-2 seconds. For this I'd use a very affordable IP.

You're right :)

Cheers Marco / iw2nzm

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