10Hz thru CW bridge?

A transformer is not out of question. Our railways use 16.666Hz. The transformer just gets a bit bigger towards lower frequencies. You didn't yet specify your power requirements.


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Hello Dean,

You could whip up a little switcher and modulate it with your 10Hz signal. Almost like a 'true sine wave' inverter. You will need an H-bridge but no HV rail.

Regards, Joerg

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I need to boost a 6Vpp 10Hz sine wave to 2KV.

Too low in frequency for a step-up transformer, and I would rather not use a HV transistor and HVDC rail.

Given this, what is my best bet for getting the output of a CW multiplier to look like the original sinewave but at about 300 times the voltage?

Current is not a consideration.

For example, if I feed the SW in as AM of an audio frequency, and take advantage of a step-up transformer in the process, will the CW bridge filter out the modulation and leave a 10Hz sinusoidal fluctuation on the HVDC?

Or can I dispense with the transformer and multiply from 6V up to 300V using only a CW bridge.

I think the capacitor values may have some bearing on this, but I am usure how to design it. Perhaps large enough values are not available in HV.

Thank you very much for any ideas.

Dean Swann

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