Making up a Li cell pack for a 24v drill

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I posted this in earlier but possibly thats the wrong n/g!

This is for a 24v (Ni-Cd originally) fairly powerful hammer drill.
The original 2 batteries it came with are shot and Iv been through the
replacing cells stage but have reached the end of the line with them! So
many cells in series has not been a reliable format!
Could I make up a reliable battery using 6x 18650 cells and two of these
cheap in/out protection circuits (see below) powered out in series? I
could arrange a switch to parallel them when charging if that may be
necessary.  There seems to be little information on how these circuits
work.. or might react in a 24/26v  connection.  Worth a try?  I doubt
the current would peak at more than 3A even in a grind to a halt
situation (even if you could hold onto the drill - but I havnt'
Otherwise the whole drill is for the bin! Its branded McKeller.  
Thanks C+

eBay item number:
or a slightly lower current board:

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