Any hope for this Li-ion battery pack?

Quite a while ago I bought on eBay a supposedly new non-Toshiba replacement battery pack for a Toshiba notebook computer. Put the new battery in, left it on charge overnight, and all seemed to be well, but I had no occasion to run it on the battery until recently.

Now it shows fully charged after less than half an hour on charge but lasts only 10 minutes or so. I have no idea whether the cells themselves (or some of them) are bad or whether it is simply the sensor that is bad.

Anything I could try, or is this a lost cause?


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Percival P. Cassidy
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The normal gauge reset method involves discharging the battery to a measured minimum terminal voltage (rated minimum at EOC), with normal recharging, twice.

If your pc won't run with a battery report of zero capacity, you'll have to do the disharging some other way. Toshiba may have some kind of battery calibration routine available.


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