Hi tspice . measure problem

Hi everyone

i am new to this group an a beginner with T-spice. Found some interesting material on spice here. I am having a syntax problem in representing my desired logic.Here is an inverter

vdd 4 0 dc 1.2 V1 1 0 bit ({11111000 11....01 } on=1.2 off=0.0 delay=0 pw=10n rt=0.1n ft=0.1n) V2 5 0 bit ({11001110.....011 } on=1.2 off=0.0 delay=0 pw=10n rt=0.1n ft=0.1n)

M4 2 1 3 3 NMOS L=130n W=390n AD=177.45f PD=1.69u AS=228.15f PS=1.95u $ (36 4 38 10)

M1 2 1 4 4 PMOS L=130n W=780n AD=354.9f PD=2.47u AS=456.3f PS=2.73u $ (36 28 38 40)

.tran 0.1ns 500ns .measure tran delaytime trig v(1) val=0.6 rise=1

  • targ v(2) val=0.6 fall = 1

This will give me delay between nodes 1 and node2 at the first rise fall cross. I want to find the average delay and max delay if these measurements are done a 1000 times . ie with rise and fall = 1, 2 , 3 ,

4 et... 1000.

i tried putting a variable " fall = x " and do a .param or a .step , but doesnt work ! Also there are no for loops possible in here!

Is there any way of finding all the 1000 values in .out file or their avg and max in .out file? Can i acheive this without writing 1000 .measure statements?

Please help if you are aware of any methods.

Thanks, Bijoy Anthony

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