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Some time ago I added a high gain antenna

to my wireless router and it made a noticeable improvement to the performance. I have just upgraded the router and it has three antennae instead of one . If I substitute my high gain antenna for one of the supplied ones what effect will it have on the range and/or transfer speed. I am assuming that if I substituted all three then I would improve the performance.

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David Segall
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Hi, No.

Your new router is 802.11n. The idea of n is that it relies on multiple carriers to get throughput, and in some case this relies on multipath (or spatial) effects. It's possible that not all antennas will have all frequencies associated with it, if you put an antenna on one port and not the others you may actually reduce throughput. So if you must, change all three, not just one.

Unless of course you are ONLY using it to connect to b or g devices, read the manual - it may offer a b and/or g mode which forces the router to use one port, in which case the answer then would be yes.


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