Wheelchair batteries (SLA)

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Looking to replace the MIL's wheelchair batteries.

Oldies are 26AH 12v.

Closest I can source are 28AH 12v.

They basically plug in, with screw terminals, and batteries are the same
size to 5mm height, and will fit in the waterproof enclosures.

Will the charger charge them effectively? Only 2ah difference in each

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Re: Wheelchair batteries (SLA)

They will charge OK and in theory hold a little more charge
so your MIL will be able to zoom around town for that wee
bit longer.

Andy S

"Mark H" <nukeleerATinternodeDOTonDOTnetREMOVECAPSAU> wrote in

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Re: Wheelchair batteries (SLA)

"Mark H"
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**  Close enough may not be nearly good enough to pass " MIL " specs    ;-)

..............   Phil

Re: Wheelchair batteries (SLA)

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Bugger, has the US military built their Mule?
(Name of proposed 6 wheelled ATV to walk behind infantry patrols and
carry gear)

Re: Wheelchair batteries (SLA)

On Tue, 10 May 2005 18:24:39 +1000, "Mark H"
<nukeleerATinternodeDOTonDOTnetREMOVECAPSAU> wrote:

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No problem, as long as they physically fit in the space, and you can
connect the terminals to it - and are both the same battery type (most
probably SLA deep cycle batteries for this purpose)
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Electrically, as long as they are the same type of battery type
composition (ie SLA, NICAD, L-ION etc) as the one you are replacing,
there is no problem.  

A 28 AH battery will give you a tiny bit more capacity than a 26 AH,
so it will take a tiny amount more time to fully charge, but also will
give a little bit more operating time.  (A good analogy would be like
having a 28 L capacity fuel tank compared to a 26L)
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I would recommend looking at the Sonnenschein or YUASA deep cycle SLA
batteries from Farnell. Have used them in the past (for other things
than wheelchairs) and they work well, and last for many years.

Re: Wheelchair batteries (SLA)

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Sonnenschein are double the price and then some of the Panasonics I've got
in mind.

Current batteries are going on 12 years, and these don't have to last that
long as she will be buying a new chair when she gets around to selling the
house and moving into a home.

As long as the newies last more than 2 hours on a full charge, which is what
the current ones get, she'll be quite happy.

I would think that two 26AH batteries would last longer than 2 hours, so
they must be well and truly gone.


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