Stabilock 4031 SSB kit. Schlumberger, Wavetek, Willtek

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I'm looking for either the SSB hardware kit and service manuals for
the 4031/4032 or the service manuals inc schematics and preferably a
software listing for the program card.

The option kit has a part number 248-154 and consists of:
1 SSB MODULE (219 004)
1 SYSTEM CARD "SSB" (897 065)
1 adapter cable (384 779)
1 variable notch filter 200...1200 Hz (248 195)
1 SSB installation instructions (248 154V)

If you have manuals on those I'd be interested in obtaining them or a
copy. I'd also be intersted in the purchase of a complete kit
including service manuals.


please email grachau a.t. - I don't get to newsgroups often
now that pipenetworks closed their free text news service.

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