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quietguy wrote

>> But what about the alternative - at present the union >> scum are trying to shut down the clothing sweatshops >> - end result is that if they do then the workers are out of >> a job, no pay, and perhaps unable to meet commitments. > I'd rather that than work for 50c an hour in a high cost country like USA.

You are completely irrelevant. Clearly those who work there feel differently.

How about you? Happy to work in a sweatshop? Or are you a hypocrit?

I've never been stupid enough to need that sort of work.

Plenty find that sort of work convenient, particularly if they have kids that they can have around the house while doing it etc.

They avoid the stupid cost of 'childcare' and the cost of charging around from one side of town to the other twice a day etc.

Union scum dont like it ? Stiff shit bozos.

> The union scum that casue that misery though >> are still getting their pay packet each week. > Bullshit, if all their members are out of work, who is paying their wages?

They get the bums rush, along with all their stupid 'workers', stupid.

Look to the politicians if you want to see the real scum problem.

Pathetic, really. No one is holding a gun to anyone's head and forcing them to do that work, f****it.

> Unions just don't give a damn about the workers who want to work > Very Funny!

Very Pathetic in your case.

The Multinational bosses do of course, but only if the peasants want to > work for 50c an hour while the bosses get a few million dollars a year!

No one is holding a gun to anyone's head and forcing them to do that work, f****it.

Fuckwits like you get to like it or lump it.

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