Re: Can someone explain how this circuit operates

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Hello Greg,
When answering someone, I usually like to leave a
few sentences of their remarks but as you can see
above, your post disappeared when I opened your
diagram and that was all I was left with. Bit of a pain
but never mind.

This circuit for a motor speed control or light dimmer
on this website is similar to yours and simpler. /
There is description on how it works.
Perhaps you can  study the diagram with description
and then get a better idea how your circuit works,
since some areas are similar.

I have built that particular controller for a DC motor
in an old mig welder and it works very well. Much
better than the original motor controller which justed
varied the voltage to the motor.
Just thought I would mention that if all you were
looking for was a simple motor controller.

John Crighton

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