Potentiometer types

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I am trying to establish the different taper types of potentiometers
(varistors) that have been commonly available in the past or presently.

This is what I have established so far:

Linear -- no taper aka B-taper (previously called A-taper!)
Modified linear -- aka S-taper having an S shaped taper characteristic
Clockwise Audio -- log taper aka A-taper (previously called C-taper!)
Counter-clockwise Audio -- antilog taper (previously called F-taper)
Quasi-log/bilinear -- approximate log taper consisting of two linear
?? - type G-taper?
?? - type W-taper?

Is there a definitive reference for these naming conventions for
differently specified taper laws?

Re: Potentiometer types

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** Varistors are voltage dependant devices used for transient suppression

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** Not very likely, codes varied from maker to maker and country to country.

I have bought reverse log pots made in Australia by IRH  labelled  "E"  -
while someYank makers called them  " RA" ( reverse audio ? )

The Taiwanese called log pots  " D "  for decades -  Alps label their
reverse log pots  "RD".

Many UK made pots are labelled with "log" and "lin" .

I just centre the wiper and test the damn things with a DMM if in any doubt.

........  Phil

Re: Potentiometer types

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One point, don't expect any sort of accurate compliance with the specified
equation. The relationship can be rough as guts.

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