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Hi all

I'm looking (at least, my son is) for a reasonable quality and price PCB maker. The board will be double sided and plated through. Turnaround time of a week or less also needed. What's likely to be the best deal around with these constraints?

PS, I know there have been posts on the past but the most recent one I can see is 2003!

Re: PCB makers
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I've got a list of PCB manufacturers in Australia on another computer.
I'll post it when I find it.

Any decent PCB manufacturer should be able to handle double sided and
plated through holes.  

There's a comparison website called PCB shopper (http://pcbshopper.com ),
but they only have forign companies.

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Re: PCB makers
Fantastic - thank you for your help.


Re: PCB makers
For those interested, my son, who was working on a budget for a uni project
, decided to go with pcbway.com in China. The boards were ordered last Frid
ay and arrived yesterday (Wednesday). Five boards cost USD 10 total and wer
e about 75 x 50 mm double sided with plated through holes, solder mask and  
overlay. The worst cost was USD 25 for DHL delivery but the post option (a  
lot cheaper) would be fine if you weren't in a hurry.

The board quality was excellent. I was pleasantly surprised after I saw the

By the way, it looks like pcbway and 3pcb are the same, and these may be th
e same or related to pcbgogo.

Thanks again for suggestions and help.


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