PC power saving

Is it possible to automatically shut down pc's including the power supply to
save power in a large office of over 100 pc's eg shut down Friday afternoon.
Can this be achieved on Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating system. What
sort of savings will this achieve if pc's are turned off on Friday
Thank you
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If depends on alot of stuff. Lets assume you turn the monitors off but the PCs are left at logon. They will probably still consume about 20W. 1KWhr = about 20cents. So in 48 hours about 96kwhr for 100 pcs. So that ends up about $19.
Its hard to say you really need to find out how much power one draws. Like does the harddisc and cpu go to sleep mode? You can suspend the computers?
You can get network software to do what you want. Shouldn't be to hard to google.
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I expect it can. there's about 4 different ways to do it on linux.
my PC uses about 1 cent per hour's worth of power per hour when idle (with the screen sleeping)
So expect to save something in the order of 60 bucks per weekend.
it may be possible to get the pcs to come back on monday morning at 8:45 so it's not costing you downtime while office staff wait for them to boot.
Bye. Jasen
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Jasen Betts
Make some *real* savings.
Give the PCs to the staff to run at home. Then they dont need to commute, and you dont need an office to house them. They could probably manage to turn the PC on and off when they need to, so you dont even need the piece of software you are looking for.

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