Notebook power plug problem

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Here is an interesting approach to a notebook power plug problem in the
UK, where the plug can be thicker than the notebook these days:

Still appears to be in concept stage.
You need to view the first video to get the drift of it quickly.

Someone suggested doing the same thing in Australia, but the truth is,
with no earth pin on modern notebooks, the manufacturer only needs to
supply a small profile 2 pin plug on the power cord.

Cheers Don...

Don McKenzie

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Re: Notebook power plug problem
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Good idea, and size is a problem when travelling.  In my case, I just
used a standard 4 way Australian power board, obtained and put the
plug for the country being visited on it's cord.  It worked well, but
was bulky.

I note that they have a USB "plug pack" that fits too :)

120v mains would be a problem if you had any gadgets that weren't

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