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I posted this on TPG's forum,
I have noticed something strange with Tpg news server. for the last half
day I have had no incoming posts through TPG other than my own sent from
TPG. I tried the phone to TPG but none of the expert service people know
that such a thing exists so I went physically to TPG headquarters in
Ryde nsw.
None of the people in a room full of boffins knew what a newsgroup was
til finally one of them figured out how to set up his computer so at
least they now know that I was not talking a foreign language. There
must be a little old man hidden in a room in the bowels of TPG with a
server that has gone bung but no one knows that he exists let alone
where he hides.
I have access through eternal-september or google which work.
The problem is not computer specific as my laptop is not getting TPG
news posts.
We must be a very small group of people, us news group people as no one
knows that such a thing exists judging on the amount of people I asked
  It has had lots of views but not one answer.
We do not exist.

Anyhow they seem to have fixed it.

Re: Newsgroups don't exist
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Give up on ISP news servers - they're not worth the pain. $14 a year
gets you access to


Re: Newsgroups don't exist

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access to
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I'll second that

Cheers Don...


Don McKenzie

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