Mass Air flow meters..repairable???

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I thought I'd take a punt on this.

Does anyone know the workings of Automotive Air flow meters..AFM or Maf
for short.

I have an old suburu wrx thats running like a dog and the error codes
generated indicate a stuffed air flow meter....
Finding it very difficult to source a good part that doesn't cost the earth.

Can they be refurbished ???


Re: Mass Air flow meters..repairable???

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It will be a "hot film" type sensor, don't know if they can be refurbished
but would have thought a second-hand part would be easily obtainable. WRX's
also have a MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor that will kind of
provide some redundancy for the MAF (Mass Air Flow) if it fails (although
that is by no means it's soul purpose.) There are probably also a lot of
WRXs around that have aftermarket computers using only the MAP sensor, hence
a lot of suitable second hand MAF sensors.

What is your definition of "Costing the earth"?


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