M 2155L transformers FS

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6.3V - 15V, 1A, MULTITAPPED, $5.00 each


     * Primary Voltage : 240V AC
     * Total VA Rating : 15VA
     * Insulation : Class E - 120 deg C
     * Magnetising Current : less than 60mA
     * Temperature Rise : less than 60 deg C
     * Regulation : Approx. 10%
     * Recommended AC Fuse : 250mA
     * Weight : Approx. 555g

As new condition, ex equipment

I'm in Melbourne - pref. given to anyone who can pick up, but will ship.
4 available.

John Mackesy

Re: M 2155L transformers FS

I just gave two away.
Still boxed...


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