Long range wireless video transmission

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We are looking for small, light weight, long range wireless video
transmitters and receivers. Intendent applications are from blimp,
kite, model aircraft (UAV), high altitude baloon to ground live video

We are happy to use high gain, diretional antennas on the ground
(receiver site), but we can not use large antenas on the transmitter
site due to the type of intendent platforms.

We are only interested in transmission ranges not less than 5km.

Do you know any product close to above specs?


miemchan at gmail com

Re: Long range wireless video transmission

Hi Miem.
Try these links:
http://www.hicam.com.au/pro_x2.htm wireless video transmitter with extended
http://www.mh.ttu.ee/risto/rc/logo20/wvideo/ver23.htm which is a heli
project with video overlay and GPS.
http://www.chrisgood.com/uav/ an ongoing amateur UAV project.
Hope these Help.

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