light mixing kit wanted

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I'm looking for a kit that has a single knob to control the intensity of
red, green and blue light and thus produce any color in the spectrum. It
would be quite easy to do this with three 'dimmers', but the one I saw
on a TV show was a single know and looked like it turned infinitely
round and round the same sequence of light.

If I'm not being clear, let me know!

Rick Measham

Re: light mixing kit wanted

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DMX controllers are available for stage lighting which do just that. Using a
3 color lamp, the spectrum can be changed with a single control, and there
are usually others for overall intensity, effects etc.


Re: light mixing kit wanted

"Rick Measham"
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** Likely employed bags of high intensity  R G & B  LEDs  and lots of  PWM
technology to drive them.

 Cost a bomb to make.

  Kits ?


......   Phil

Re: light mixing kit wanted

     Depending on weather you want just the light out or if you want to
drive 240V lamps, please let us know.

I you just want the light that can be controlled then an LED solution
would be simplest, a small PIC chip or similar microcontroller and the
knob would be a rotary encoder. Like a pot that turns forever, but with
2 digital outputs.

The LED's can be PWM controlled directly or by transistors depending on
how much light is required, the whole lot can be powered from a nice
safe 5V power supply.

If you want to drive 240V lamps then the microcontroller would need to
drive TRIAC devices to switch the mains with phase angle dimming
control. A more complex solution and with mains wiring involved.

So I guess the question is, how much light do you want to control?

        Brenden Ede

Rick Measham wrote:
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Re: light mixing kit wanted

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could be done using a small microcontroller (+associated hardware) three LEDS
(or an RGB LED) and a rotation encoder (eg one axis from an old ball-mouse,
or the wheel from a more recent model)

I don't know of any kits, the program wouldn't be way hard.

this sort of thing is real easy on a computer screen.


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