IBM (APC) UPS stupid made

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My cousin was moving his business.  He has a handyman/courier/cleaner
guy and got him to shift stuff.  Apparently he picked up this IBM
1500 VA UPS, which is pretty heavy with fingers under the front panel.  The
front panel just clips on,and it came off, the case dropping about 20 cm.
There is a board with 16 LEDs on the front panel, attached by a ribbon cable.
The cable was torn almost off, despite that the LED board clips on pretty
Other end of the cable goes back to main circuit
board.  Now why couldn't they connect this with plugs at each end?
It is the really flat ribbon cable, half a mm thick at most. I tried
scraping plastic off to expose the conductor, but very difficult.
In the end, had to cut off stupid ribbon cable, and solder 8 pieces of wire
between the two boards.  The front panel does not clip back so
neatly now, but at least the thing works again.
BTW the innards appear to be made by APC with IBM putting their own
cosmetics on it.

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