High-temperature cap replacement

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The control chip in our oven has gone haywire, and I suspect
the supply filter cap, a 220uF 25VW electro with a 125C temp
rating. It's in a hot place! It filters the supply generated
through two wirewound resisters dropping from 240V.

Is there a better replacement cap I can get for this purpose?
Do tantalum caps withstand this temp better?

Otherwise where might I find (in Melb) a 125C rated cap without
having to pay $10 in postage from Farnell etc? It doesn't seem
to be the kind of thing stocked by the usual suspects.

Clifford Heath.

Re: High-temperature cap replacement

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Rockby have some 125 deg rated electros:

No exact match, but a couple of the 68uF 40V axial jobs might do the trick
if they fit.

Rockby are in Clayton.


Re: High-temperature cap replacement
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Perfect, David! Thanks for the pointer.

Still interested if anyone can answer whether other types might suit.

Re: High-temperature cap replacement

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Not likely either sadly. 105C is good enough for most apps.


Re: High-temperature cap replacement
On Mon, 09 Mar 2009 11:43:53 +1100, Clifford Heath

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Look for a capacitor with a solid dielectric.

This series is targeted at industrial high temperature, automotive,
military and space applications:

Extremely long useful life: 20 000 hours at 125 C
Extended high temperature range up to 200 C
Excellent low temperature impedance and ESR behaviour
Charge and discharge proof, application with
0 ohm resistance allowed

Here are Vishay's Australian distributors/agents/sales offices:

- Franc Zabkar
Please remove one 'i' from my address when replying by email.

Re: High-temperature cap replacement
Thanks all, the oven is working perfectly. Rockby had the
exact part (220uF 25V 125degC), and they were less than a
kilometre detour for my son this morning. WIN!

Clifford Heath.

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