FS: [MEL] Massive computer and electronics garage sale! SATURDAY 3RD JUNE 9AM

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Massive computer and electronics garage sale!

22 Melrich Road, Bayswater, Victoria
No early callers, sale starts at 9am on Saturday,
it is a company premises that I have been able
to use just for this day to setup tables and stuff.

All kinds of collected gear over the years has to go in one big
cash and pickup only.

I don't have time to take pictures, test and prepare them all,
or email lots of details, so one big garage sale it is!
Some of the systems are working, some haven't been tested, some may not

considering the age and garage sale all items are sold as-is.
Please come and have fun choosing whatever you may like.

There will be lots of old computer items, some newer stuff, and
a variety of electronics gear, parts and boards.
Follows is a brief list, there will be more on the day:

Newer computer gear
Apple iMac G3/400 (upgraded, in recent use)
    80G HDD, 256M RAM, CDROM,
    USB, Firewire,
    Airport WiFi wireless network,
    LAN and Modem,
    Mac OSX 10.3

Acer n20 Pocket PC
    Windows Mobile pocket pc, new battery

Casio E-100 Pocket PC
    early pocket pc, box, instructions, etc

Vintage and old computer gear
(more may be added as I pull it out or decide to clear it out,
 Atari 2600 stuff, Nintendo, other/more computers)

Commodore 64
    computers (brown and beige), drives, disks, books, more
    musical keyboard unit
    http://www.old-computers.com/museum/computer.asp?st=1&c98 %

Apple IIe
    computer, clone computer and asst. parts
    http://www.old-computers.com/museum/computer.asp?st=1&c83 %

Hitachi Peach (MB-6890, a rare vintage computer)
    computer, monitor, 2 disk drives, cables, books

    desktop unit with monitor, partial tower unit

Dick Smith VZ-300

Dick Smith VIC-20

Atari 600XL
    computer(s), boxed unit and boxed accessories
    http://www.old-computers.com/museum/computer.asp?st=1&c27 %

Osborne 1
    one of the first 'portable' computers, cp/m system,
    built in small crt monitor, dual 5.25" fdd,
    keyboard clips up over front panel to carry

Spectravideo SV-328
    many pieces all in original boxes and very good condition
    computer, accessory units, etc.

    rare black unit, with monitor, keyboard missing

Amstrad CPC464 and CPC6128
    computers, monitor, discs/tapes, some docs
    http://www.old-computers.com/museum/computer.asp?st=1&c84 %

Apple Mac SE and Plus
    computers, some extras, drives, cables

Sanyo MBC-1000 "Creative Computer"
    early cp/m machine, computer, keyboard, disks

Sharp MZ-700
    http://www.old-computers.com/museum/computer.asp?st=1&c87 %

Sirius S1 (Victor 9000)
    early 8088 based dual floppy PC
    computer, monitor, keyboard

Sun SPARC system
    computer, monitor, cables, keyboard, mouse, some accesories

Intellivision (Mattel)
    unit(s), cartridges, controls, accessories, etc

Creativision (Dick Smith Electronics)
    rare and sought after games/computer system
    unit, cartridges, box, docs

TRS-80 Model 4P
    portable/luggable TRS-80 system with built in crt monitor
    has a damaged power switch?

TRS-80 Color Computer 2
    computer in box

TRS-80 Model 1
    computer and expansion unit only

Hewlett Packard HP-85 (maybe a HP-87 too?)
    computer, expansion, drives, cables, docs

Some luggable built-in screen luggable 286/386/486 class machines
    Sharp, Compaq?

    various 286/386 class gas plasma display 'laptops'

486 rackmount ISA bus PC's/parts

486 EISA (extended ISA) server, SCSI system in full tower case

CGA, VGA and composite video monitors, eg. Commodore 1084S

Old x86 PC boxes, boards, ISA cards and parts

Epson Colour printers
    A4 and A3 size

17" and 20" CRT monitors (recent, XGA, SXGA res, etc)

Dot matrix printers

SCSI scanner

Sheen and other old black and white home tv game units

More parts and stuff,
Whatever I find that needs a clearout will be added to the
tables to all get cleared out on the day!

Electronics, test equipment

Gould Biomation Logic Analysers
    with probes, manual, plus one spare unit

Philips Logic Analyser
    can't remember the model, no probes

HP1615A Logic Analyser
    unit only

Pulse oximeters (medical pulse rate/O2 saturation measurers)
    1 faulty Nellcor unit
    1 ? unit, with finger probe, finger probe flaky?

Large 8-valve valve RF amplifier, 19" rack mount

2 x faulty night vision monoculars

NEC Betamax player (large and heavy)

Old VCR's

Stereo FM tuner (home component audio)

Equaliser (home component audio)

Broken/parts test gear, some with Nixie tubes in them

Australia Post scales (2), large units with graphical lcd

Special CCD cameras, network/IR/PIR detection, haven't
tried to figure out how to connect or test them

Electronic data books (many)

Various electronic pcb's, parts, junk, etc

Lots of other electronic and computer bits, parts,
boards, cables and junk.

Whatever I find that needs a clearout will be added to the
tables to all get cleared out on the day!

Re: [MEL] Massive computer and electronics garage sale! SATURDAY 3RD JUNE 9AM

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Wow, the old Dick Smith Wizard! I sold so-o-o many of them in the lead up to
Christmas 1983. Even selling them sight unseen on back orders, they were so
popular. Who'da thought (from the web site):
"It is now one of the most searched items for Video game collectors."

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