earth links and the electrical wiring rules.

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Anyone up to date on the current electrical wiring rules?
In my day earth links had to have two screws per hole.
The other day I saw a small domestic circuit breaker switch board and
the earth link had one screw per hole,is this allowed now?

Re: earth links and the electrical wiring rules.
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 From AS3000:2007 (the current standard) Earthing Conductors

(a) Soldered connections. Where soldering is used for the jointing or
connection of earthing conductors, the earthing conductors shall be
retained in position by acceptable means independently of the solder.

(b) Tunnel type connections. All screws that are in direct contact with
conductors in tunnel type terminals shall be of the type designed not to
cut the conductor.

Tunnel terminals shall be of a type having-

(i) two screws; or

(ii) one screw with an outside diameter not less than 80% of the tunnel
diameter; or

(iii) the conductor clamped by suitable ferrules or plates in direct
contact with the conductor;

to maintain effective clamping of conductors.

Exception: This requirement need not apply where one clamping screw, in
direct contact with the conductor, is provided at the fixed terminals of
electrical equipment, such as junction boxes, socket outlets, and
lampholders, provided that the screw is in direct contact with the

Regards, Art.

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