Charging batteries inside an appliance.

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   I also have an interesting idea below which may help you or other
people and I am wondering if you know anything about it

  In some items such as digital cameras and MP3 recorders the batteries
can be hard and
time consuming to remove from their case so that they can be recharged
or replaced. I
thought of an easier way to save doing this and I am wondering how safe
it would be to
do. I am thinking of using rechargeable batteries that are a slightly
lower voltage
than the non rechargeable, and then slowly charging them when they are
in the case of
the digital camera or MP3 recorder. I could do this by having two wires
going into the
battery case so that they are attached to the correct ends of the
batteries to charge
them. On the other end of the wires would be a small plug that would
plug into wires
that attach to a battery charger. I would not use the appliances while
they are being

  I do have some battery chargers for small batteries and I could
connect the terminals
on the batteries to the charger like described above. However, if these
charges charge
too quickly I may have to get another charger that does it more slowly.
I think my
chargers may take about 15 hours to fully charge from a flat battery.
However, I could
get another charger that takes about 24 hours if a slower rate is

  I heard batteries can get hot if they are charged too quickly so I am
wondering what a
safe time would be?

   Also I am wondering what a safe voltage would be to charge batteries
of appliances
while they are inside the case and if there is much chance a trickle
charge battery
charger could damage them?

  Your help will be appreciated.    
   Regards Richard.

Re: Charging batteries inside an appliance.


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( snip simple idea)

** Charging cells while fitted inside a device is a common and time honoured
practice. The cells may be in the form of a pack or fitted loose into a
battery compartment.

However,  there is ONE major trap that I learned the hard way !!

ALWAYS fit a  **diode**   between the charging jack on the item and the
batteries -  so that current CANNOT flow back from the cells  WHEN there is
a short on the line to the socket (or a reverse polarity charging

Failure to do this may well result in a FIRE inside the item.

Also, it is a VERY good idea to connect the charging socket via a SPDT
on/off switch so that the batteries only charge when the device is switched

.......  Phil

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