Anyone looking for SMD production gear?

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    My website attracts a lot of unusual requests. A bloke's contacted
me regarding some SMD production equipment his brother no longer needs
because he's moving overseas. They want to sell it for a lot less than
what it's worth, and give it a good home. This gear's in Sydney somewhere.
    I've already e-mailed three PCB companies in Sydney and got either a
polite "not interested" or they didn't bother to reply, so I'm asking
here as a last resort.
    If anyone's interested, please e-mail me at
and I'll put you in contact with the bloke.
    Here's a list of what they'd like to find a good home for....


* Sikama Falcon Eight


    -- hot plate conveyor belt flow solder machine  (3 heating plates)

    -- heating plates are perfect ... conveyor belt slips (needs tightening)

* DEK 240 screen printing machine

* HEEB vacuum manual pick and place + dolly (SMD)

* Multicore digital dispenser

* Arium 16M-680 16 bit microprocessor pod (logic analyser)

* LogicLAB Programmable Logic Technologies (EPROM & GALS writer)


* Huge number of integrated circuits, capacitor reel rolls etc (mostly

* Multicore Solder PC 81 Solvent Cleaner &  Rosin flux residue remover
(in 5 litre cans - 9 cans  available)



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