anyone know of Austar tech or SAM Technology tech please. help on AV4SWR unit. 1996 manufacture

Hi there,
So far i have drawn a blank.
I have a a/v group Sydney Australia (cant find them on the net) Audio and
video 4 input switcher model av4swr as supplied into Austrar buildings.
I am trying to locate a circuit and board layout. I have seen several that
have a damaged u37 (some sort of Logic chip) that was likely caused by
power supply failure of the main smps filter cap. Then u37 goes up in
smoke. Anyway i am trying to locate a helpful tech and any contact that
might be able to help in information to
1) repair some by supply of the chip (version 4.2 software)
2) modify a working one for single button switching (there is an enable
button normally required to be pressed b4 sw can occur.
So any help there guys??
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Must have been tired when i posted! It is a avsw4r model unit manufactured by the A/V Group Sydney Australia. label with version 1.3 d on the side. it switches 4 inputs with 2 outputs and also a sync switching row as well. Also audio sw too.
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