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Received my copy of  '50 years of ABC technical services - Alright leaving
here', by Doug Grant yesterday. It covers the ABC technical services from
1950 onwards, up to about 2006. Very different to the Ross book referenced
in an earlier post, which is a fairly terse and technical treatise on radio
broadcasting. The Grant book covers almost exclusively TV, with a short
section on Radio Australia. It's more of a narrative, with lots of human
interest snippets including difficulties, quirks and anecdotes. Not a lot of
technical detail, the photos are mostly buildings and people, virtually none
of equipment interiors. Whereas the Ross book focusses on transmitters (big
power, big valves), this one focusses mostly on studio equipment.

The preface describes the origin of the subtitle "alright leaving here"
which I didn't understand until I read the book, it refers to the tech at
the sending end of a link notifying the receiving end that a signal is on
its way and looks OK. That reference typifies the book style quite well.
Highly recommended as long as you're not just interested in big glowing
things. I found the sections on early video recorders and satellite era
particularly interesting.

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