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"David L. Jones"
** The evil that men do lives on after them .....
( full apologies to the bard )
RH has his "no archive" buried in the header details - very cute.
.......... Phil
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Phil Allison
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Hi David,
I can't imagine that my posts will be of any value years down the track. Anyway, a great deal of any particular person's postings are just a waste of space on any archive.
Where are you located? Email me direct for any other details - don't forget the munged address.
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Ross Herbert
On Tue, 17 May 2005 21:21:22 GMT, Ross Herbert put finger to keyboard and composed:
Maybe, but there can be a lot of useful stuff, too. I occasionally follow up old postings in the Google archives, and I often receive enquiries from people all over the world looking for parts, datasheets, or other information that I have accumulated over the years. In fact I've had three enquiries in the past fortnight.
- Franc Zabkar
Please remove one 's' from my address when replying by email.
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Franc Zabkar
You're right Phil.
Phil Allis> ** Imagine a small kiddie picking up one of those mini two pin female plugs
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Hmmm again!
This *is* mild, and much more effective than foul-mouthed ranting, Phil. Kepp it up!
Phil Allis> ** That straw man of yours stands alone and in isolation to any other
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Oops! I meant "keep"... wrote:
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The groups archive is an incredibly useful resource. Standard search practice for me is to search Google and then the Google Groups archive, but often I go straight to Google Groups search knowing that I'll get much better results. It's only a single mouse click away and very often brings up links and discussions that you can't find with the regular Google web search.
Dave :)
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David L. Jones

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